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External vs Internal Storage

De : Cecelia Shvetz
Envoyé : 22 novembre 2019 09:12
À : Synthia Guimond
Objet : FW: MindLamp Suggestion

This is some feedback about the app from a participant we had yesterday


I see the Android version of MindLamp has its install location set incorrectly. This is a problem I have been noting with numerous apps. Perhaps it is mitigated in Android versions after 6 (Marshmallow); I have very little knowledge of app development.

The issue is that Android requires internal storage in order to perform updates, and many apps are configured to install only to internal storage instead of the SD card (i.e. external storage). This is discussed in great detail at ; needless to say, there is no reason MindLamp should not be in external storage, and it takes up a considerable amount of severely limited internal storage (meaning there is less space for other problematic apps).

I personally would circumvent the issue with APK Easy Tool, available at . It is a largely straightforward matter of downloading the app’s APK (from a site such as ), selecting it in APK Easy Tool, and pressing the Decompile button. The decompiled APK will include AndroidManifest.xml , which can then be edited as per the reference: by inserting


immediately after


near the start of the file.

After saving the file, the new APK can be generated by pressing the Compile button in APK Easy Tool, and then installed on an Android device by manually transferring it.

There are likely substantially more elegant solutions available to the app’s developers (solutions of which I would know nothing, not being an app developer). Please pass my suggestion along.

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This has been passed on to the developers. It should be feasible to make this change quickly for v1.18.