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Self-hosting the LAMP Platform?

Is it possible to self-host the LAMP Platform to manage our own data storage and entry? If so, what would this process look like if we wanted to synchronize survey assessments between multiple self-hosted instances?

Right now it is not possible to self-host your own instance of the LAMP Platform and all requests must go through our team’s LAMP setup.

Because of the way the instances of LAMP would be isolated in this case, updating assessments would need to be manually done at each site. I’ve added a helpful export tool that generates a file that you can send to site administrators to then import back into their LAMP instance, which hopefully makes the process easier.

We could create an “Inter-LAMP Link” which would securely send data reports between instances of LAMP without involving potentially-insecure third party systems and processes such as emailing Excel files. This way, the instances remain physically separate but are able to communicate protected data. I’ll have more news on this much later down the road, perhaps early January.

It is now possible to self-host the LAMP Platform. The LAMP Server, Dashboard, and the mindLAMP app all support multi-configuration selection as well.