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Rename "no charts selected" box?

D.O.: When you log in and select a patient, a message says “no charts are selected, please select a chart above to begin” but selecting an assessment above that message actually takes you not to data entry but data reports, i.e. charts of data. The word “chart” may lead clinicians to think they are going into a patient’s chart and mislead them. What they want to do is click “add survey response” below to start entering. You might want to modify the message in the middle to say “Click above to view existing data” and the button below to “Click here to enter new data”?

This is a fantastic point that I had not considered; I’ll change the interface a little bit to make this clear! Considering other feedback as well, I’m mostly done constructing the interface that will be used to create and update surveys, scheduling them, and adding description or anchor information for when they are being administered.

(It’s unfortunately surprisingly infeasible right now to add dynamic elements to surveys, such as a BMI calculator, or conditionally presented questions.)